62. New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards

Albrecht Schuch Claudia Michelsen Hannah Herzsprung Jörg Schüttauf Paula Beer Sascha Geršak Tobias Moretti

At the 62. New York Festival International Television & Film Awards, the production “Mackie Messer – Brecht’s Dreigroschenfilm” with Tobias Moretti, Hannah Herzsprung and Claudia Michelsen received a Gold Word Medal in the category “feature films”. More than 50 countries took part in the competition. Also the ZDF bank series “Bad Banks” with Paula Beer, Albrecht Schuch, Tobias Moretti, Jörg Schüttauf and Sascha Geršak received a Gold World Medal.

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Casting: Anja Dihrberg Casting
Casting: Marc Schötteldreier Casting

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